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Individual Tuition (per lesson)

30 minutes (per-week)$41.00
45 minutes (per-week)$61.50
60 minutes (per-week)$82.00

Students who are enrolled in individual lessons of at least 30 minutes duration, scheduled for each week of the term and who pay the total amount of their issued invoices within seven days will receive a discount.

Video Conferencing Lessons

Lessons for specialised instruments provided through Video Conferencing technology. Fee on application.

Class Tuition (2+ students)

1 session (per-week)$175.00 (per-term)

Casual Lessons (individual per-lesson)

30 minutes$46.00
45 minutes$69.00
60 minutes$92.00

Musicianship/Ensemble (per-term)

1 Musicianship / 1 Ensemble$115.00

This fee entitles each student to attend a Musicianship Class and one ensemble per term or two ensemble activities per term.


Per Term fees may be adjusted should a student enrol midterm.

By signing up for lessons, you are acknowledging that you have read our terms and conditions and agree to abide by their contents.