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Framework for Leadership in Australian Music Education – FLAME

You are invited to help light the FLAME to develop and deliver Australia’s best music.

Music is an essential part of every person’s life and all Australians deserve equitable access to participatory music.

We need your support and sponsorship to develop a system that will bridge the access gap.

We appreciate the support and consideration given by Local, State and Federal Governments as we work to help achieve mutual outcomes for Australian constituents.

How you can help today:

  • Donations for program delivery to marginalised participants (eg, domestic violence choir, refugee programs, men’s mental health drumming program).
  • Donations to fund lessons for students in financial difficulty.
  • Donations to help us deliver to remote and low socio-demographic schools.
  • Support us by liking and sharing our social media sites.
  • Share the word about Murray Conservatorium’s advocacy for music education with your family and friends.

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